2016 Infoshare 1 Nadina Houston

These proposed developments cover various licenses including Canfor, Dungate Community Forest, and Woodland Tenures. The purpose is to obtain information from First Nations on cultural heritage resources, values and/or aboriginal interests and how these may be impacted by the proposed developments.


The attached maps displays the following information:


  • The tan colored outline blocks have been previously info-shared.
  • The purple outline blocks are new info sharing blocks.
  • The blocks with a blue outline have been GPSed (boundary flagging complete).
  • The purple dots and blue outline mean it is a new or changed boundary.
  • The tan dots and blue outline mean it is GPSed and has been previously info shared.
  • Existing roads show up on the ortho image, or as a black/gray colour indicating existing structures or as a red indicating a proposed road.

To maintain current information, comments and questions are welcome on all blocks tan, purple and blue. In addition to proposed roads, all roads adjacent to proposed blocks may be used or needed to gain access. Additional roads may also been seen on the ortho images.


Any additional archaeological or cultural heritage information or concerns will elevate the blocks and/or roads to require an assessment. Should you have information, comments or concerns about an archaeological assessment on any of the blocks proposed in this info sharing package please contact our office before the conclusion of this information sharing process. If you have concerns about any impacts on Aboriginal interests (asserted or established aboriginal or treaty rights) resulting from this archaeological assessment activity please contact the Nadina Forest District office at 250-692-2200.


Canfor will continue to abide by the Higher Level Plan Resource Use Objectives that have been set out for the Morice TSA and the approved Forest Stewardship Plan. These objectives and documents address values for biodiversity, wildlife, water, fish habitat, timber and outdoor recreation.


A review of available information, which includes archaeological and cultural heritage resource information, identifies those proposed developments which may potentially impact aboriginal interests (see spreadsheet).  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this info‑sharing or would like to arrange a meeting to discuss please contact Greg Yeomans at (250) 845‑5225 or Kevin Skarda at (250) 845‑5243.  We look forward to your comments and/or meeting with you as we move forward with our proposed activities.


General infoshare maps showing all blocks in Nadina District

General Infoshare Maps

Infoshare map sets for individual First Nations